Let me guess. You’re here because you’re battling writer’s block, right?

Been there. That’s why I built this place.

In a moment, I’ll ask you to pick a door, step through it and play the game inside. But first…

Let’s see who hangs out here. I’d like you to meet….

(Click or tap a writer profile to reveal the details.)

The procrastinator...
who’s put projects like alphabetizing her pantry ahead of her writing and needs to pull together a final draft in a few short weeks.
The stressed-out blogger...
who’s struggling to whip up a fresh batch of posts.
The first timer...
who’s overwhelmed by the massive undertaking of writing a book or screenplay and fears no one will read it anyway.
The writer who doesn't write...
but fantasizes about her work receiving standing ovations. When she does plant her butt in the chair nothing happens. She opens a text doc…stares into the whitespace…pens a few words…deletes them…pens a few more…deletes those…closes the doc…AND promises to start tomorrow.
The haunted scribe...
who’s never overcome negative feedback from a mentor and hasn’t realized her past is holding her back.
The perfectionist...
who writes so slowly it takes eight hours to knock out 500 words on a topic she knows intimately.
The accidental writer...
who hates writing but must churn out copy to keep her job.
The professional writer...
who knocks out daily assignments, but struggles to pen her passion project.
The researcher...
who reads and reads and reads about her topic. And then reads some more. She’s productive but not producing any words.
The entrepreneur...
who’s on a shoestring budget and struggles to produce her promotional materials.
The aspiring professional...
who’s terrified of rejection and feels she lacks the talent and skills to go pro.
The professional student
who lines her shelves with courses and books on writing but doesn’t apply the lessons.
Me, Marianne Post...
I’m Write 50’s founder and coach. At one time or other I’ve stumbled around in the shoes of the entrepreneur, the researcher, the writer who doesn’t write, the aspiring professional, the professional student, the haunted writer, etc. That is until a breaking point inspired me to build this place and create games to help peeps like me ditch their blocks.
Do you see yourself in any members of our crew? Regardless, you’re in good company. Let’s see how I can help you ditch your blocks.

Ready. Set. Pick…

You guessed it. Time to choose your adventure. I created three game modes to help you stop staring into the blank white page…outwit your inner-critic…or build a daily writing ritual.

(Click or tap a link to open the door and reveal your game.)

1. Write 50: The Quick Win

If you’re stuck, facing a deadline or so blocked you can barely stomach drafting an email (I’ve been there), I dare you to play a round of Write 50. Right now.

How to play…

1) Grab paper and pen. Or launch your favorite text app.

2) Write 50 words. Any words. No judgement. No editing. Then come back here.

3) Fist-bump! Don’t leave me hanging. You just outwitted your inner-critic and ditched a block.

How do you feel? Can you write more?

If yes, keep going. Up the ante by throwing some judgement-free words at a specific project. Don’t stop until you’ve left all you’ve got on the page.

If no, that’s okay. When was the last time you wrote this many words?

I dare you to play again tomorrow, and every day after that until you reach a breakthrough. I can tell you from experience, you’ll get there. (When I first played Write 50, it took weeks to reach a breakthrough.)

4) Let me know how Write 50 went. The good, the bad, the ugly. Your feedback will help me create future challenges. I read all responses and reply to as many as I can.

2. Write 50: The 7-Day Challenge

Struggling to build a writing ritual? Or need something longer than the Quick Win challenge?

I double dare you to finish the Write 50 7-Day Challenge.

How to play…

1) Pick a time to write and set an alarm.

2) Grab a calendar or download an app to track your progress. Or write 1 thru 7 on a piece of scratch paper, envelope, napkin, etc. Post it to your wall or fridge.

3) When the alarm goes off, drop everything and write 50 words. Any words. No judgement. No editing. No stress.

Up the ante by picking a specific project or pushing past the 50-word minimum.

4) Done. Mark your gameboard with a circle, star, smiley face, sticker, etc.

5) You win when you finish this challenge for 7 days straight.

6) Let me know how you do. I rely on your feedback for creating blog posts and games. Yes, I read all responses and reply to as many as I can.

3. Ditch The Block (Premium Edition)

Looking for a more structured challenge with less of a build-it-yourself flare?


I double-dog dare you to check out the Ditch The Block game room