So you’ve decided to play hooky from writer’s block. Nice!

Before you rush over here to sign up for a Ditch The Block challenge, let’s make sure this suits your style. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Ditch The Block challenges are games.

Why games?

Because games like these tap our creative, up-for-anything kid selves to mold ideas into magic…leaving our judgy, fear-filled adult selves and their “cannots,” “shoulds” & “what if’s” behind. In other words Ditch The Block games were designed to make writing fun or at least feel doable. How do I know?

Because I created them in a last ditch effort to end an epic 6-month writing drought, and rescue my creative self from messages like “Just plant your butt in the chair and do the work.” And from labels like “lazy” or “tire-kicker.” It worked and I share how here.

Psst…It’s true. You can take writing seriously and have fun, too. My mission is to help you do just that.

How about a preview of what’s available here, in the Write 50 game room?

(Click or tap a title to reveal a game’s details.)

Ditch The Block
DTB_ThumbnailName a block. Any block. Write 50’s flagship game will challenge you to not only face it, but fight past self-imposed limits. Overwhelm? Yep. Perfectionism? Sure thing. A fear? Tough one, but can be ditched. Not sure where to start? No worries. I’ve been there, too! The audio coaching (mp3) and cheat sheet (pdf) will guide you across the start-line. Sound good? Yes, show me how…
Clear The Chatter
CTC_ThumbnailYou know that voice in your head that says, “I’m not good enough.” Or convinces you to clear inboxes, tv-queues or honey-do lists instead of facing your writing project? This powerful game calls on your inner detective to uncover the source and lock ’em up. Not just for today, but anytime this escape artist, known as your inner-critic, shows up. Reveal how… 
Ticking Time
TT_ThumbnailWhere does the time go? This game will help you answer that and double-dog dares you to unearth time to write…no matter what – even on the days life throws you curve-balls. That’s the trick. And why I weaved a truth AND dare elements into this game. Only check it out if you believe it’s possible to find time to build a writing ritual, un-shelve a project, or add your passion project to your professional workload. Explore this… 

What’s included with each game?

Great question. Let’s check out some…


  • Game pieces: Each 7-day challenge comes with a printable game-board, playbook, and pre-recorded audio coaching.
  • Repeats: Play one 7-day round or multiple rounds. Whatever you need.
  • Your stylings: Since a one-size-fits-all solution for writer’s block doesn’t exist, each challenge shows you how to adapt the game to suit your style.
  • Cheerleader: Send me your completed game-board for feedback, encouragement and fist-bumps when you win.
  • Lifetime access: Since I play the games all the time, I regularly tweak them and publish what works. That means you get instant access to updates, add-ons and bonuses. Free of charge.
  • Do-overs: Not going as planned? No worries. Unlike with most seven, 21 or 30-day challenges, that present something new every day or two, you can’t fall behind. Why not? Because you hand pick your game parameters for the week and tweak them as needed.
  • Prizes OR penalties: Your choice. I show you how to use them, without cheating, as motivation to play each day and win, even on the tough days.

What if a Ditch The Block game sucks?

I get your skepticism. I’m a skeptic, too! Except about this. Of course that’s because I built the games. Then again the kids at Milton Bradley made this hugely popular game called Monopoly. Not my thing.

With that in mind, if you’re not 100% satisfied, just let me know within 60 days for a full and prompt refund.

And I promise I won’t reach through the internet and snag back your copy. You get to keep it:-) So…

Since I sense you love a challenge, I double-dog dare you to give a Ditch The Block challenge a go.