If we looked up writer’s block in the dictionary, would we see a picture of you banging your head against the blank screen?

Or a selfie of you trapped under a pile of overwhelm?

Or would we catch a closeup of your beautiful face torqued in frustration with a “see also: procrastination, perfectionism, self doubt…” reference next to it.

As the former poster child for all those terms, I assure you we can get these visuals removed.


It depends.

I know. I know. This response often cues eye-rolls from my students and clients. There are no one-size-fits-all fix for writing blocks. Although the website down the street seems to think there is.

That’s why I created Ditch The Block Monday.

What’s Ditch The Block Monday?

It’s a live weekly jam session that mixes productivity coaching and writing.

It’s an adaptation of the techniques that helped my video editing and fitness clients ditch their creative and mindset blocks.

It’s an affordable way to access the tools, activities and challenges I used to pull myself out of an epic writing drought and create Write 50. Catch the Cliff Notes here.

It’s a reliable accountability partnership – like personal training or yoga classes  – only for your writing mind.

It’s support from me, a writer, who’s faced critics who believe writer’s block is just an excuse not to write.

It’s encouragement to vent to me via email on any day you’re tempted to torch your project or writing dream.

It’s a compliment to resources like books, courses and writing groups.

it’s a chill way for your kid self (a.k.a. creative self) to play with words.

It’s how you can play hooky from perfectionism, tomorrowism and any other “isms” that sabotage your writing day.

How does it work?

On Sunday evening I send you the Ditch The Block Monday playbook of the week and a phone number with secret passcode.

On Monday at 9 a.m. EST, you grab your favorite block-ditching beverage and hop on the phone or web for our 45 to 60 minute jam session.

Pssst. You don’t have to attend live. You can jam to Ditch the Block Monday at your leisure.

During our call:

  • I ask you the same focused questions I cover during one-on-one coaching calls. And share real world tips, examples and stories.
  • You use your answers to commit to YOUR doable writing week. Not mine…not Hemingway’s…not anyone’s, but yours. And yours alone.
  • I answer questions submitted via email by you and your fellow crew-mates.
  • We jam for 25 minutes. In other words, we write.

After our session, I send you the recording and notes.

You email me the password of the week for a chance to win a prize.

You read that right. Since this is Write 50, I can’t resist this chance to double-dog dare you to a quick game each week. (How long does it take you to draft a one word email? That’s how long it takes to play.)

And yep, I’ll personally field your questions, feedback and concerns, too.

We meet each week until you send me the email announcing you’ve got this from here – to which I’ll respond with a fist bump and a string of smiley emojis.

Speaking of email. If you have questions about Ditch The Block Monday or want coaching with more of a one-on-one flare, don’t hesitate to contact me at marianne@write50.com.

Great, but…

What can Ditch The Block Mondays help me do?

Step out of inconsistency and into a doable daily writing ritual.

Wipe the cobwebs from your shelved passion project, find your stride, and reach THE END.

Speed up your writing process.

Hit the toughest deadline in the world…your own.

Conjure up the courage to take simple steps towards scoring paid writing gigs.

Rebel against the “shoulds,” “cannots,” and other preconceived notions that hijack your sessions or dream.

Blow off intention for action.

Stand up to the boss in your head who keeps pushing your book, blog or freelance startup ’til tomorrow, next week, next year or when the kids leave for college.

Stop sitting on the sidelines with one more book, course, or podcast and put you and your skills in the game.

Deflect – or better yet – lock up the mental source that crushes your confidence.

In other words, name a block, any block. Ditch The Block Monday can help you play hooky from it. AND dare I say, have fun along the way.

How much hard earned cash does this cost?

Only $25 per month.

I remember being blocked and broke…unable to afford the productivity and accountability coach I desperately needed.

My mission in crafting Ditch The Block Monday was to create as close to a one-on-one coaching experience as possible – at a price even my former broke self could afford.

That means you get everything minus the on-the-fly interaction, feedback and customization that can only happen in a one-on-one coaching relationship ($100+ per hour).

What if Ditch The Block Monday sucks?

I hear ya fellow skeptic. The peeps in Hollywood released a mega-hit called Titanic. Worst. Movie. Ever! According to the totally biased critic in my head. I couldn’t un-see it or get a refund for my ticket and super-sized popcorn.

Not so with Ditch The Block Monday. If by the end of your first month, you decide it’s your Titanic, contact me for a full refund. No questions asked. No hoops to jump through.

Oh, and if at anytime you decide to leave the Ditch The Block Monday crew, just cancel your membership. Again. No judging. No questions. Just an easy-peasy unsubscribe.

Ready to erase your image from the writer’s block entry in the dictionary? I double-dog dare you to give Ditch The Block Monday a go.

Count me in.

By the way, if you’re looking for a similar solution with more of a one-time investment flare, head down the hall to the Write 50 Game Room.