Welcome. I’m Marianne, your coach and cheerleader. Please, make yourself at home and let me know if you need anything.

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Need to decompress first?

Great. I stitched together a short tale about Write 50’s journey from a sticky note to this online space.

Just sit back, put your feet up and enjoy some light reading. Then let’s see if I can help you outwit the gremlin in your head who’s sabotaging your writing.

 Have you ever experienced a moment like this?

“Why can’t I write this?” I asked my accountability partner, Laurel. “I’m now procrastinating by researching procrastination! There’s got to be a twelve-step program for people like me!”

Then I went on and on and on, about how I never miss client deadlines, or bail on friends and family unless there’s an emergency. And then I went on some more about how I had just reached an elusive rock climbing goal after three months of focused training. But…

I missed every personal writing deadline I set over the summer of 2014.

I ended my rant by admitting, “My confidence is beyond shot. I can’t even stomach email. Seriously. My friends can’t find out I’m a fraud, who can’t even string together the right words for a happy hour invite.”

Luckily, Laurel rocks! At moments like this she lets me step out on the ledge and spew my drama. When I pause to take a breath, she talks me down, so we can brainstorm solutions. This time we agreed I needed to hit the reset button and create a quick win.

So, I tore up my 500-mile-long writing project to-do list and challenged myself to write 50 words, any words, for seven days straight. That’s it. If I wrote more, great. If not, I promised to accept it.

The next day I launched the Stickies app on my Mac, named a note Write 50 and voila, here we are….

Not quite.

The 12-month journey – the abridged edition, I promise

I did win the challenge. And by the end of the week found myself crafting content for the projects on that torn up to-do list.

The Write 50 challenge became a warm-up for my new daily writing routine. All good. But…

After a couple of months, the challenge grew stale. I started missing days and eventually stopped.

Shortly after I quit, I once again found myself procrastinating by researching procrastination. Mostly I cruised the web for a way to end my relentless procrastination and rebuild self-confidence.

I wanted to hire a coach, but my emaciated bank account couldn’t fund one. And I couldn’t find an affordable alternative that offered a coach’s wisdom, support, and tough love. I trudged along on my own until…

Holy Cow! Here’s the solution! In plain sight, no less

At the end of 2014 I stumbled upon that sticky note while organizing my laptop. Hidden amongst the seed ideas for my writing projects lied blueprints for this place.

I had written ideas for games to help me (and now you) start, not quit and finish projects. I had created strategies for coaching myself (and you) through the tough days.

My words painted pictures of what a support group for blocked writers would look like. Could I lead an online community for wayward writers?

“Nope. You’re not qualified,” said 10-Tunner, my inner-critic. “You’re not a psychologist or certified coach.”

He’s right. I’m not. Although the idea gnawed at me every day, I turned back to resources I could afford,  like my favorite blockbusting book, “The War of Art,” by Steven Pressfield.

Wait a second!

Moving day….Well, more like moving year

I realized neither a licensed therapist or certified coach had penned my go-to playbook for my battles against 10-Tunner. A writer who faces a similar foe every day wrote it. I never once thought, “hmm…I wonder if he’s credentialed.”

Done. I had to go for it…

I rolled up my sleeves. Borrowed tools from the video workshops I’ve taught for over 15 years. Adapted techniques I used for three years as a personal trainer and health coach. And built this place.

I now publish the games I play, so peeps like me can ditch their blocks, produce their words, and…dare I say, have fun writing.

You’re still here! Awesome. Now that you know the story here’s…

My hope for you

I hope you don’t need Write 50 in the future. If you do, I’ll invite you in and dare you to a challenge that can help you reach your writing goals.

On that note…

I double-dog dare you to play a round of Write 50 (it’s free). Or check out a coach-supported Ditch The Block challenge.